iLINOVA enhances smallholder farmer resilience to shocks in Malawi through breeding

In complementing government of Malawi’s efforts to improve the livelihood of smallholder farmers, Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) through iLINOVA programme is promoting Indigenous Chicken (IC) and Black Australorp (BA) production through distribution of fertilized eggs from its breeding unit.

Mkaka club, a beneficiary of iLINOVA’s fertilized egg distribution scheme in Malawi after receiving eggs from the breeding unit

Through the programme, four breeding clubs namely Mkaka, Khomani, Mtande and Mkwinda had been established in Lilongwe district by June 2015. The total membership in the clubs was 114 of which 82% of the total beneficiaries had already received fertilized eggs. The average hatchability of the eggs was 64% with some beneficiaries attaining hatchability as high as 90%. Only farmers who had broody hens received the fertilized eggs and on hatching, paid back 50% of the chicks to the programme.

LUANAR monitors the performance of the chicks and provides both extension and technical services. It is envisaged that this intervention will result in increased number of IC and BA per household and hence increasing households’ resilience to different shocks such as failure of crops or during emergencies.

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